Online Access

Once you have established your ETC Brokerage Services brokerage account you will be instructed to log into your new account via your online account with Equity Trust at this link.

Once you have logged into your account select myEQUITY, then click on your account number.

In the next screen you will see your cash balance (Your Equity Trust retirement account and brokerage account with ETC Brokerage are linked together, therefore, funds will move seamlessly between the two accounts when trades are placed. It is not necessary to move funds first to place trades, however you will only see your cash balance through your myEQUITY account).

In this screen in the left hand column select ONLINE TRADING. This will pop up an agreement that you will need to select AGREE to be sent to the online trading account. This will automatically log you into your brokerage account and you can begin placing online trades.

You may also access your online brokerage account via this link.

This link takes you directly to the trading website and requires a user name and password that is not related or linked to your Equity Trust myEQUITY user name and password. If you were not previously given this information, please contact our team in order to obtain your login credentials.


  • The first time you log into your online trading account you will be required to complete (3) online agreements in order to receive online quotes from the NASDAQ, the NYSE and AMEX and the OPRA (Options). These agreements will only need to be completed once. Please contact our team if you need assistance completing these agreements.
  • After 60 days of inactivity on the trading site, your trading function will be disabled. Please contact our team to reset this function.
  • If you forget your password, please contact our team for assistance.
  • If you log into your brokerage account and receive a SYSTEM ERROR it is due to your trading function being disabled and you will need to contact our team for assistance.
  • If you log into your brokerage account and you experience blank screens or missing pages, then you will need to clear your BROWSER HISTORY before attempting to log in again.