Brokerage Fees

ETC Brokerage Services is an SEC registered brokerage firm, which is a member of FINRA and SIPC. Brokerage services through ETC Brokerage Services do not include the offering of investment advice, recommendations or research; and we do not solicit orders. All brokerage accounts opened through ETC Brokerage Services for Equity Trust Company customers will be maintained with ETC Brokerage Services and all brokerage services shall be rendered by, ETC Brokerage Services. Equity Trust Company is not a broker-dealer and does not perform brokerage services.

Prospectus Offering and Disclosure

Please contact ETC Brokerage Services at 877-403-0369 for more information, including product and fund prospectuses that contain complete details regarding investment objectives, risks, fees, charges, and expenses as well as other information about an investment company, which should be carefully considered. The prospectuses contain this and other information on the product and the underlying portfolios. Please read the prospectuses carefully prior to investing.

Online Trading for Your Account

Before placing an online order to trade securities, you must establish a brokerage account with ETC Brokerage Services (member FINRA/SIPC).

Schedule of Commissions, Transaction and Handling Fees for Retail Customers (effective 01/01/2017)


  Online Trades Broker Assisted Trades
Equity Securities, Exchange-Traded Funds $24.95* $49.95*

*An individual order that has multiple fills at multiple prices will be charged an additional $1 per transaction for each fill that occurs beyond three(3).


  Online Trades Broker Assisted Trades
All Contracts $24.95 + $1.50 each contract* $49.95 + $1.50 each contract

Manual Option Exercise Request: $25.00
*Example: 5 contracts online commission = $24.95 + $7.50 (5X$1.50) = $32.45


  Online Trades Broker Assisted Trades
All Mutual Funds $24.95 $49.95

*For any mutual fund available for purchase, please carefully review the fund’s Prospectus prior to investing to obtain information regarding any additional charges or expense that the fund may charge.



Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities, OTC Corporate Bonds, Government Securities, Collateralized Mortgage Obligations, Money Market Instruments/CDs, Municipal Bonds, Unit Investment Trusts, and Zero Coupon Bonds


(Fees deducted quarterly)

Online Trading Access (to place trades online) $5.00/month Online Viewing $1.50/month


*The following fees may apply depending on your brokerage account activity and settings. Fees are automatically deducted from your cash balance at the time of the transaction(s) or on a monthly basis.
  • Postage and Handling(Unless setup for eDelivery)$5.00/ per trade confirmation
  • Transfer Out (Full or Partial)$75.00
  • Annual Paper Statement Fee$30.00
  • Voluntary Corporate Action Fee *1A $35.00
  • Mandatory Corporate Action Fee *1B $25.00
  • Physical Certificate Deposit$25.00 / certificate
  • DWAC Charges$75.00 / item
  • Free Deliveries (DTC)$25.00 / security
  • Long Positions (Sub Penny Book Entry) monthly fee$0.0000006 / share
  • Worthless Securities Removal Processing Charge$20.00 / security
  • Wires Out$30.00

*1A Includes but not limited to tender offers and warrant exercises
*1B Includes but not limited to Fixed Income Maturities, mergers, reverse stock splits, name changes

Foreign Stock Transaction Fee (non-ADRs) (Liquidation only, no buys allowed as of 10/15/16) $100 + commission
Foreign Stock Transfer Fee $100 / security

Non-DTC eligible Security Transaction Fee
DRS (Direct Registration System) Fee
As incurred by ETC Brokerage (includes but not limited to physical settlement fee / transfer agent fee / processing fee)
OTC Stocks (Bulletin Board and pink-sheet)
Execution and Illiquid Change
All transactions require pre-approval or it may result in a fee by the NSCC based on a percentage of the order. When placing trades in the OTC market, contact ETC Brokerage for detail and pre-approval to avoid any possible fee.
Note: Brokerage accounts are established at Axos Clearing LLC, the clearing firm used by ETC Brokerage Services as your broker. ETC Brokerage Services is an affiliate of Equity Trust Company; however your brokerage account (should you open one) is maintained with ETC Brokerage Services and all brokerage services and transactions in the brokerage account will be rendered and effected by ETC Brokerage Services (not Equity Trust Company). There is NO ADDITIONAL fee to establish or maintain this account. However, to the extent applicable, if you have established a brokerage account with ETC Brokerage Services, the above per transaction fees correspond to the brokerage transactions executed in your brokerage account. Any funds needed for brokerage purchases will automatically be pulled via a bank link from your cash account with Equity Trust upon settlement date. In addition, funds received from a sale in your brokerage account will automatically be deposited through this same bank link to your cash account with Equity Trust upon settlement.

PLEASE NOTE: Certain Securities are not available through electronic trading. Access to your account information, trading and other services may be limited or unavailable during periods of peak demand, systems maintenance, or for other reasons. Contact your Broker for assistance at any of these times.